Secure personal file access and backup

A device that allows you to sync and backup your files anytime, anywhere, no matter where you are

Beautiful, Portable and Simple

Your personal cloud storage device. Add as much USB storage as you want, access and backup files securely from anywhere, any time. A built-in wireless module ensures that the device connects to any wireless access point / router. The result is a tiny, portable device that doesn’t require much power and is easy to configure and use.

Private and Secure

All data is stored on the drives you connect to Hexastor. All data is accessed only by devices authorized to access the data and TLS is used to encrypt data in transit. Hexastor also provides built-in replication that replicates 2 identical USB drives connected to it ensuring that your data is still accessible should 1 drive fail. 


A dual core processor offers benefits other personal cloud devices can’t match. With 2 cores, all applications designed for Hexastor are multi-threaded and offer better performance than conventional single threaded applications found on other personal storage devices.


We will continue going to great lengths to develop and provide you new applications that will supplement existing functionality making this device future-proof and extensible. We don’t want you to be stuck with yet another device that stagnates and collects dust and will progressively release new features and applications for consumers to download.

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The Hexastor interface

A web interface controls most actions associated with folders on the device and provides all information you need on a single pane. 

An identical interface is available on each device that syncs with Hexastor. 

Add or create folders to sync on the device, add the device and you're ready to sync data. 

Designed for the long-haul

Additional applications like webDAV and media-server run in an isolated containers enhancing the security of the device. 

Because it runs on Linux and connects to your wireless router, future applications we design for Hexastor will have the ability to interact with other connected devices at home. 

Imagine controlling the thermostat or LED bulbs using this device --all this can be made real with little development effort in the future. 

We designed hexastor for the long haul, so you can leave your worries and your device at home.

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Your own personal cloud storage and backup

Starts at  $139 USD

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Launch Timelines

The approximate launch date is January 2017 and the first units will ship in April 2017.

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Device specifications

Operating Requirements

Operating and configuration requirements


74 mm X 28 mm X 82 mm, 458 grams


Quad core 1.1GHz CPU, 1GB DDR3 RAM


Built-in 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Dual USB 3.0 ports


100-240 volts AC, 50-60Hz with built-in surge and circuit protection. Peak consumption is 8 Watts

Maximum storage supported

2 disks of 8 terabytes each. Large hard drives require external power. Disks not included.

Operating temperature

10-38 Degrees C, 5% - 93% Humidity. With built-in thermal protection to prevent overheating and device failure.

About us

Hexastor is run by a bunch of people who believe that data storage should be  available and easily accessible at all times. We have to admit that we are not the  first ones to launch a personal cloud storage device but we can promise you simplicity, ease of use and a device that's compact, easy to use and extensible. Most other devices fail to do that.

The reason we chose to launch Hexastor was because:
There's nothing exciting in the market that allows users to access their files easily and tuck the storage device away neatly in one corner without the messy cables.

We obsess over small details and we love the fact that we shoehorned a powerful dual-core CPU, Wi-Fi and Power Supply into a beautifully designed enclosure. 

Our team spans 3 different countries (Canada, India and Singapore) and we are working round the clock to get this product ready for launch. Actually, we span the globe if we include you, because we value customer feedback and we will release new features based on popular demand.

Hexastor stands Highly EXtensible STORage